Ibero Scholarship Providers

The Ibero-American Action League and The Hispanic Scholarship Endowment Fund are proud to count with individuals, community businesses and organizations committed to supporting our youth, encouraging them to dream big and daring to aim for a higher education.

Arthur R. Hirst
Armando Olivieri 
De Jesús-Vega Education Scholarship
Diana Hernández
El Mensajero
Elena Goldfeder
Emeterio Otero
ESL Charitable Foundation
Hispanic Heritage Committee
HOLA Network
Ida Pérez

LaBella Associates
Mauricio Riveros (The Pike Company)
Minority Leader Yversha Román Scholarship
Nexo Group
Nancy Padilla
Nydia Padilla-Rodríguez
PR Festival of Rochester
Rochester Hispanic Business Association
Thomas Fink
Trillium Health
Twanda Daniels Christensen
Visions Federal Credit Union

Impacting the Future of Our Youth

“This scholarship saw me, it saw my culture, and it saw me as a leader. They invested in me, and it really paid off! Scholarships like Ibero help. They help close the gap, they help create greater access for students and for their families. They are investing in us and our future and hope that we could pay it forward one day.”

“I think receiving the Ibero Scholarship was something that was defining to me, in the sense that it gave me an inkling of the responsibility that I could have if I chose to take it, not only to be part of this community, but to help lead it in some way, shape or form, Whether it be small or larger. I think one of the most noble things that we could do is recognizing our young people, giving them a platform, to be recognized and celebrating “lo mejor de lo nuestro”… It indirectly throws down a challenge to that next generation: we see you, we see what you are doing, make sure you are making an impact.”


Ibero Scholars Awarded

$ 0

Distributed in Scholarships

Recipient Countries of Origin:

Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Colombia, México, España, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua

2022-2023 Highlights

  • Ibero continues to impact the future of our youth, creating career opportunities for Hispanic high school students, investing in those we believe can become game changers and leaders of the future. In 2022, we awarded 57 scholarships to students from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Colombia, México. España, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua.
  • Provided merit-based opportunities of $500 or more, to be awarded in one academic year or more. Since 1985, Hispanic high school students from Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Wayne, and Yates County are invited to apply. Applicant submissions are received from January to March. 
  • Collaborated with Nazareth College to host an in-person networking session that allowed our scholarship recipients to meet and greet their providers. We celebrated a virtual Scholarship Awards Recognition Ceremony, where family members and program supporters learned about the students, past recipients, and the Ibero Scholars program. 

Ibero Scholarship Recipients

Adrianna Guantes

Aiden Marquez

Alexander Ramírez

Angela Mayra Ferreras Feliz

Angelina D. Rose Sánchez

Angie Daniela Perilla

Ashley Turijan-Morales

Asianna Flecha

Carmen Ponce

Christopher Reyes

De’Asia Terry

Edgar Llanos

Edrieshka Clemente

Elena Ercoli

Elena Fuentes Solano

Evelyn Rebert

Franchesca Mejía de los Santos

Freysi Campusano

Gabriel Englerth

Grace Reyda

Hazel Arteaga-Martínez

Isabella Artudillo

Isabella Rose Padilla

Janet Jaramillo

Januel Montero

Jileyshka Fontán

Jonathan Ayala

José Vázquez Santiago

Joseph Navarro Richardson

Kelis Kearse

Keuka Miranda Wiltberger

Lee Adianez Rodríguez-Espada

Leilah Rosario

Lysh Marcano Burgos

Madison Martínez

Marianie Curry

Mariella Santiago

Max-Yamil Cabezudo Brown

Melvin Martínez Troche

Miguel Villamán

Nah’Talia Brown

Natalia Biehl-Narváez

Nellyshka Carrasquillo

Nileidys Abneliz Vélez Rivera

Ninoshca Irizarry

Nirialyss Marie Figueroa Rivera

Olivia Martínez

Raina Evans

Samantha Naranjo

Samantha Reyes

Sebastian Romero

Shalyann Negrón Rodríguez

Silvia Postigo-Marcos

Tania Cortés Gutiérrez

Xavier José Orlando Zayas

Yaniska Mercado

Yeriel R Castro Aquino

Webster Schroeder HS

Webster Thomas HS

Webster Thomas HS


Aquinas Institute

Spencerport HS

Geneva HS


Pittsford Sutherland HS

Brockport HS

East HS


East HS

Pittsford Sutherland HS

Brighton HS

Oakfield Alabama HS

East HS


Aquinas Institute

Our Lady of Mercy

Williamson Senior HS

Greece Athena HS

The Charles Finney School

Marion Jr/Sr HS

East HS

East HS


Greece Arcadia HS

Honeoye Falls-Lima HS

East HS

Penn Yan Academy

Eastridge HS

Irondequoit HS

Geneva HS

Geneva HS

East HS

Pittsford Sutherland HS

Allendale Columbia HS

Brockport HS

Arcadia HS

Rochester Prep

School of the Arts

East HS

Edison Tech HS

Greece Arcadia HS


Brighton HS

Wheatland Chili HS

Midlakes HS

Aquinas Institute

Webster Schroeder HS


Pittsford Sutherland HS

Pavillion Junior Senior HS

Brockport HS

Franklin HS


Update from an Ibero Scholar

“Hello, my name is Evelyn Rebert. In 2021 I was awarded the IBERO scholarship. I finished my first year at SUNY Brockport as a Nursing Major and Spanish minor. I had a great year, there were small challenges but I overcame them and finished my year off strong. My classes were time-consuming but by creating a strong schedule to balance friends and homework I was able to earn a 4.0 in both semesters. Last summer I worked two jobs, one in retail and the other one from home. Coincidentally, my professor offered me a job to work remotely for her and her research. I also took a summer class to lighten the load for this upcoming semester. I was overall happy with my first year and excited to get back to my college routine!”

Help the Ibero Scholar legacy continue.