Promoting Positive Behaviors, Attitudes and Outcomes

“Ibero’s Prevention Education Services (PES) has played a vital role in improving family relationships, reducing substance abuse, and promoting a healthy community at Edison Tech. By offering education and support, PES empowers parents to be more effective caregivers and helps prevent substance abuse among youth. Families can learn strategies for communicating with their children about drugs and alcohol and for setting clear boundaries and expectations. Additionally, the program provides a supportive community for families to connect with others who may be facing similar challenges. By promoting the well-being and success of students and families they serve, Ibero has helped to create a safer and more positive school culture at Edison Tech.”

“ASPIRA is honestly the best. The mentors are nice and the activities we do are always fun :). The mentors always listen to us and are understanding.“

“El progama contiene muchas ayudas para las personas. Siendo parte de este progama me ha impactado tanto emocional como económicamente.”

“The ASPIRA Mentoring Program provides space for youth to develop relationships and trust with caring adults. In an uncertain world, these relationships are more important than ever. Through collaboration, the 4-H Program and ASPIRA are able to provide experiences for youth to find and use their voice, develop projects, and grow their leadership skills...I have been able to support this endeavor for the last five years through the offering of 4-H UNITY (Urban Neighborhoods Improved Through Youth). The space created allows teens to use their voices to make positive changes in their community. The ASPIRA Mentoring Program is empowering the next generation of true leaders.”

“The Ibero program has impacted my life in a very positive way. They are very amazing people to work with and I am very glad to have the opportunity to work with them.”


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2022-2023 Highlights

  • Provided mentoring and the space for our bilingual/monolingual (Spanish speaking students) to have a voice and feel comfortable with developing socio-emotional and leadership skills.
  • Established community within the Rochester City School District.
  • Increased the knowledge of the dire need of bilingual support for students and staff.
  • Trained students and staff on the benefits of restorative practices.
  • Hosted Safe Summer and Latino HIV Testing day events that bonded the community and addressed complex subjects.
  • Held prevention workshops that taught life skills to act as a protective factor.
  • Through HelpZone, provided confidentiality, accountability, problem-solving, trust. We provided guidance through any in/out school experience, whether it be mediation to resolve a problem, academic support, someone to talk to about a situation hindering classwork, or weighing heavy on a student’s mind. These services led to decreased conflict and out-of-school suspensions and to increased school attendance, academic performance, and graduation rates.
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