Diversity & Language Services

Helping organizations stay current in today’s multicultural world.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Services

Services Offered:

  • Cultural competence assessments
  • Cultural competence training
  • Focus Groups

All trainings can be tailored to your organization. Our personalized approach helps your team gain knowledge, skills, and tools to enhance their productivity, improve patient/consumer satisfaction, and build morale. Programs can be as concise as one to two-hour workshops or full-day staff development events. We can also provide pre- and post-training consultations and follow-up.

Trainings Currently Offered (but not limited to):

  • Introduction to Cultural Competence
  • Cultural Competence-The Human Resources Perspective
  • The Impact of Microaggressions
  • Mental Models and Worldviews

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Language Services

Spanish Interpretation

Ibero offers interpreting services in medical and non-medical settings. Our purpose is to address the Spanish language communication barriers that many Spanish speaking individuals confront as they seek to access needed services.

Spanish Translation

Ibero offers translation services from English to Spanish and vice versa of documents, flyers, forms, reports, presentations etc. using the most common dialect in the region.

Spanish Proficiency Test

The proficiency test provided assesses the individual’s communication skills in the Spanish language focusing on writing, grammar, reading, comprehension, and conversational Spanish.

Focus Groups

Organize and conduct community focus groups to discuss specific topics, products, or services with the purpose to gather community feedback and opinions from participants in a structured and participatory setting.

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