Home Community Based Services (HCBS)

Providing advocacy, job coaching, pre-vocational services and day habilitation for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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Day Habilitation

Teaches adults with intellectual disabilities life skills so they can integrate into society.

Community Habilitation Program

Provides services to both adults and teenagers within their current living environment and in various community locations. Services are based on identified goals of the individuals and their families. We promote hygiene, self-care, meal planning, meal preparation, comparison shopping, household management, reading and writing skills, money management, community inclusion, social skills and fire safety.

In-Home Respite Services

Respite Hourly provides relief to caregivers of individuals with intellectual disabilities so they may dedicate time to self-care. These services are not provided during the care givers working hours.

Family Reimbursement

Assists families with needs that help make a difference in caring for a family member with a disability at home. Reimbursement requests include summer camp tuition, specialized clothing, uninsured medical supplies and adapted equipment. The Family Reimbursement Program provides critical support to eligible families for items traditionally not covered by Medicaid.

Monroe Recreation Program

The Monroe Recreation Program allows families and individuals to participate in various events in the community for inclusion and enhancing community participation. The program provides recreational activities that take place at various locations throughout the state (theme parks, local parks, ect.) at no cost to the individual and the family that resided with the individual.

Prevocational Program (Fashion Works)

The prevocational program is designed to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities in gaining job skills in retail and customer services.

Supported Employment

Providing full access to employment through the provision of individual support services for people who have historically been excluded from employment or unable to maintain a job. The program identifies prospective employers, assesses client’s job skill level, places clients, develops necessary skills to maintain placement and monitors placement by visiting the client at their place of employment.

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