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“He vivido casi toda mi vida en Rochester, NY y siempre esperaba que tuvieramos una estación de radio las 24 horas, y llegó Poder 97.1FM. Gracias... mi estación favorita.”

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2022-2023 Highlights

  • Hosted first 18-hour televised and live streamed Telethon “Roc the Day.” Rochester Mayor Malik Evans, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello, TV Anchors, local artists, and our very own Poder DJ’s all participated in the event.
  • Studio newly remodeled. We now have the capability to do video commercials, live music streaming, and photography for internal and external campaigns.
  • Hosted our first Comedy Show featuring some of the funniest Latino comedians from New York City and Puerto Rico.
  • Received numerous invitations to participate and live stream at community events, special programs, guest speakers to high school students.
  • Poder 97.1 was recognized for our involvement and dedication to our community.
  • Three new personalities who joined our current on-air programs and our new production assistants are a huge part of our success. We are extremely proud of their efforts and dedication.

Johnny Mambo

Héctor Arguinzoni

DJ Lou Rock

DJ Kay

Jr. González

Víctor Manuel

Don Vellón

Betsy La Colombiana

Don Geland

Ida Pérez

Eddie DTP Urbano

Jun Jun Rivera