Educating Parents to be their Child’s Greatest Advocate

Mother holding two children and smiling

“Espero que los padres aprovechen la oportunidad que se les brinda para que puedan orientarse y aprender cosas que les ayuden en el futuro. Ha tenido un gran impacto, por la seguridad de mis hijas. El servicio que nos brinda el Servicio de Asistencia a la Familia es excelente para mi.”

mother and daughter

“Aprovecha este programa que es bueno. Me ayudó a cómo atender la educación de mi hija.”

“It has been helping me with computer skills and how to navigate using a computer for my daily living. This program has been very helpful to me in letting me know what to do and what not to do. Come and take advantage of this program because it will help in daily and future situations. This program is the future. Preparing people for life.”

“I have enjoyed learning about digital skills. I learned about parental settings, and not to post pictures while away from home. Working with others has helped me learn more about digital skills. I am glad I have been part of the many programs with IBERO. I always thought I could not qualify for any resources in the community due to my economic status. I always hope that programs can help the single middle-class families with resources.”

mother with arm around son in Spiderman costume

“This program has greatly helped me to get a better understanding of the digital skills that I will need for life. I have a better understanding of how computers work and how to work them. It has been a very safe place for my son to come and engage, interact and have dinner with his friends from school as well as to meet and make new friends. I appreciate the time to learn without distractions and place to have conversations and dinners together.”


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Meaningful Contacts Made (supporting families with school and community connections)

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of Seniors connected to the Family Service Assistance program graduated from high school

2022-2023 Highlights

  • Assisted many new arrivals from Cuba, Panama, and Ecuador in getting acclimated with the school system and set up with stable employment through our Padres Comprometidos series.
  • Started a free basic digital skills for life training program that is open to the community and will run throughout the year through our partnership with UnidosUS. 
  • Supported a local resource in our community (Mothers in Need of Others) and received up to five hundred dollars in donated items that went toward helping mothers and families in need.
  • Two of the 12 High School Seniors that graduated received the Ibero Scholarship.
Family Service Assistance graduates clapping
four FSA employees