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The International Plaza Summer Camp Fair

The International Plaza re opens this week for Market Days and a very exciting season!

We must say, we are very pleased to partner with cultural and community organizations as we develop our weekly and special events calendar for 2021.

One of our early events this year is a Summer Camp Fair, with limited availability, and we would be thrilled to have you there.

*By joining the fair, you will participate of a market day on Thursday, April 29, or Sunday, May 2, while promoting your summer camp or activity and connecting your organization to the visitors on site.  At the same time, you would be contributing so residents and guests have access to such wonderful programs either by their means or by your giveaways and donations.

The Summer Camp Fair has a registration fee of $25 considering you will be performing a marketing activity. Our goal is to make an impact with your contribution, waving that fee in exchange for a scholarship, membership, or special programming family access that we will later grant to a family that may not have this possibility otherwise.

Participants should bring their 10×10 tent, table, and chairs as needed. They should provide with any promotional material to share, and the sing up system desired.

Visitors interested in participating of the raffle should sign up on site or online (encouraging media posting tagging the IP connecting to fair).

Winners shall be publicly selected and announced at The Plaza during Market Day, on May 16.

We have limited availability; therefore, we urge you to plan and confirm your date ASP. Last day to register is April 23, 2021.

#MeetUsAtTheInternationalPlaza !

We look forward to seeing you during Market Days opening week, Thursday April 15, 5-8PM or Sunday April 18, 2021, 1-5PM.

Join us for entertainment, food, vendors, and fun!


To register for the Summer Camp Fair, click here.

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