The Corazón de Ibero Leadership Giving Society is a new philanthropic endeavor to recognize those leaders of our community who partner with Ibero in uplifting, empowering, and advocating for Latinos and the underserved.

Celebrating thirty-two individuals willing to be models of generosity, committed as founding members, were recognized at the Ibero Community Resource Center at El Camino in December 2022.

“The Corazón de Ibero Leadership Giving Society is one of our strategies to support the longer-term plan for fiscal sustainability and viability of Ibero. It is the shield that we will use to weather the storms of life and further our mission to uplift, empower, and advocate for Latinos,” shared José Rosario, Chair of the Board, at the event.

The Ibero-American Action League invites individuals and community advocates to invest in our work and support our community driven efforts and commitment to social justice.

“We are going to give, because we believe,” said Diana Hernández, vice-chair of the Board. “This is a very visionary agency, it’s focused, it’s very strategic, and it’s result oriented. It serves people every day, it’s multi-generational, and it faces complex challenges.”

Join the Corazón de Ibero Leadership Giving Society

For more information, contact:
Jessica Del Valle
Marketing and Development Manager at Ibero
585-256-8900 x631

Special thanks to our founding members for trusting in our work and partnering with our passion, compassion, and longstanding commitment to creating a brighter future for those we serve.

Celeste Amaral

Berlín Bermúdez

Diane Cecero

Sandra Chevalier Blackman

Herbert Escher

Thomas & Janet Fink

Carl & Diana Marie Forty

Diana Hernández

Arthur Hirst

Gregory & Marta Hiczewski

Juan Lugo

Emeterio & Felicia Otero

María Pérez-McKnight

Annette Ramos

Agustín & Suzanne Rodríguez

José A. Rosario, III

Jaime Saunders

Joseph Searles, Jr.

Jim & María Sutton

Bolgen Vargas

Miguel & Josephine Velázquez

José Cruzado

Arline Santiago

Lucía Colíndres

Katie Fuller

Miguel Meléndez, Jr.

Ida Pérez

Angélica Pérez-Delgado &

José Delgado

Denishea & Orlando Ortiz

Eugenio Marlin

Gerald Archibald

James & Suki Grossman