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Climate Solutions Accelerator
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As part of the work we do to advocate on behalf of our community, Ibero has recently partnered with The Climate Solutions Accelerator of the Finger Lakes. Our goal is to further educate our community on the resources available to them and the steps one can take to create a more sustainable environment.

Our partnership will ensure that the necessary resources are available to and reaching the communities we serve. The materials and information are provided in culturally relevant language and will help those in underserved communities better understand the resources and opportunities available to them.

This partnership also ensures that our internal staff also have the information to share with their clients and the individuals they serve. This initiative ensures equity for all.

Our partnership with the Accelerator’s Color Your Organization Green course is also an opportunity for organizations that are motivated to take action on climate and looking for guidance on how to do so. Through participating in this program, organizations will:

  1. Develop an understanding of the problems and opportunities that climate change poses for our region, through an intersectional, equity-focused lens;
  2. Identify how they currently contribute to the climate crisis and corresponding quick wins and high-impact solutions that will mitigate their impact;
  3. Create a strategy and vision to guide their organization in addressing the climate crisis over the long-term;
  4. Connect to relevant resources and a network of like-minded organizations;
  5. Begin moving toward their vision, implementing strategy, and measuring progress.  


Ibero-American Action League is proud to be a part of this great initiative.