Ibero Investors

The Ibero-American Investors Corporation (IAIC) was incorporated in 1979 as a NYS corporation under Section 807 of the Business Corporation Law and licensed by the Small Business Corporation as a Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Company (MESBIC) in the same year.

It assists Hispanic entrepreneurs, who would like to launch or expand a business, but are unable to obtain business financing from existing financial institutions. Since then, the IAIC has helped women and minority entrepreneurs attain an entirely new economic and social status via private ownership of their business.

These individuals have worked hard to amass the funds they are able to invest. IAIC’s investments may take various forms and, with other investors or financial institutions, may structure deals that meet the financial need of our clients.

Ibero staff help coordinate not just medical mental health and substance abuse services, but also the social service needs of the individual.

The Entrepreneurial Assistance Program (EAP) assists anyone who owns a business or dreams of owning one and specializes in helping minorities, women, low-income individuals and veterans in all areas of business training, from technical assistance to formal training in the classroom, developing business plans, applying for loans and grants, indepth counseling and mentoring, completing the state certification process, and accessing capital.

Our success stories include the marketing and sales increase of a new invention, Space Saver Tomato Cage, LLC; and the creation of a business plan for US Traffic Control Inc. with more than $1.5 million in sales. This program is currently offered in Rochester, Buffalo and Waverly.

Contact info for Ibero EACs

Buffalo: 585-329-0642

Waverly: (607) 249-6193