Family Services Assistance Program (FSA)

Creating Partnerships between Parents, Schools and the Community

Partners for Success

The FSA Team works directly with the parent/guardian, school staff, and community representatives. This partnership helps to increase positive and pro-active communications at home/school, along with increasing linkages to community resources.

Committed Parents

A series of workshops created to help inform, empower, and celebrate parents.

UNIDOS US Parent Engagement, Padres Comprometidos curriculum was created to:

  • Provide parents with tools to communicate positively with their children and the school.
  • Inform parents and families of the role they play in educating their children.
  • Help parents understand the grading, testing, funding process, and graduation requirement.

Call to enroll: (585) 256-8900 x644

Digital Skills 4 Life

Learn basic computer and technical skills including computer Hardware, troubleshooting, internet exploring, safety and security, digitized communication, social media, common apps, software and more.

FREE transportation, childcare, dinner and incentives.

Interested? Please call:

Mireia Martinez – 585 470-8783
Yairin Medina – 585 362-1865
Beverly Hill – 585 348-7484