Centro Civico

Incorporated in 1986, Centro Civico has served the immigrant, refugee and Latino community in the Capital Region and surrounding counties by helping low-income families access English as a second language classes, language access, case management, language courses for adults, voter registration drives, advocacy and a variety of health, education, housing, business development and employment programs.

In May 2015, Centro Civico entered in an intent merger relationship with Ibero-American Action League Inc. and in October 2020 the two entities were legally merged, with Ibero as the surviving entity. Together, we serve a large regional area of Upstate New York including 6 counties in the Capital Region, 5 counties of the Mohawk Valley, and Monroe County. Ibero was incorporated in 1968 to address the growing needs of the Latino community in Monroe County.

Developmental Disabilities program

The Developmental Disabilities program serves individuals and their families through advocacy, outreach, case management, family activities, care coordination, respite programs, family reimbursement and community rehabilitation.

The Community Mobilization Program

The Community Mobilization Program serves Fulton and Montgomery Counties in providing needs assessment and community mobilization. It assists businesses and schools with development of HIV/AIDS policies and provides educational training. The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute funds this program.

Ibero staff help coordinate not just medical mental health and substance abuse services, but also the social service needs of the individual.

La Segunda Familia

La Segunda Familia provides participating youth access to a comprehensive set of age-appropriate and culturally-sensitive experiences and activities that include: individualized, group and family counseling, enrichment activities, youth issue workshops, self-esteem development, college field trips, targeted mentoring, and family enrichment programs.

Language Services

Centro Cívico offers English as a second language classes for native Spanish-speakers, as well as language and cultural services such as translations, interpreters, health care referrals, and immigration consultations. Centro also has several programs that serve migrants and refugees.

Adult Health Home Care Management

The Adult Health Home Care Management Program provides care management services to ensure all those involved in an individual’s care are working together and sharing the necessary information in supporting a person’s recovery. A Health Home Care Manager is expected to help coordinate not just medical, mental health and substance abuse services, but the social service needs of the individual as well. To be eligible you must have Two or more chronic health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, mental health condition or substance use disorder, or A significant Mental Illness, or Living with HIV/AIDs. Be a Medicaid recipient, including those who are already members of a Managed Care Organization. Individuals who have both Medicaid and Medicare are also eligible. And have social risk factor.

To learn more about this program, please contact (585) 256-8900 ext. 122

The Immigration and Citizenship Program

The Immigration and Citizenship Program assists individuals with navigating the process of becoming an American citizen. In partnership with the Albany Police Department, the Immigrant and Refugee Justice Alliance Project serves immigrant communities from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Burma, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, North Africa, Sudan, Syria, and the Dominican Republic. When the coronavirus pandemic began, Centro Civico closed its offices to the public, but have continued offering their services via phone, online and in the community. Centro Civico has partnered with the Amsterdam School District to provide grab-n-go meals for parents to pick up for their children. They also established a meal program out of their Albany daycare facility to serve their attendees. Centro Civico has also provided technical assistance for parents and children learning how to do online school learning using Chromebooks. The staff has also established online immigration workshops and held a virtual gala to acknowledge their high school scholarship recipients.

Expanded Syringe Access Program (ESAP)

In 2000, the New York State Legislature changed the Public Health Law to authorize a demonstration program to expand access to sterile hypodermic needles and syringes. This is a public health measure to prevent blood borne diseases, mostly HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. ESAP became effective in 2001. As of 2009, it became a permanent program. Centro Civico with funding from the New York State department of Health AIDS Institute has provided containers and drop off locations to Fulton-Montgomery, Albany, Schenectady counties. Centro Civico coordinates the disposal of hypodermic needles and/or syringes. Working with pharmacies, clinics, healthcare practitioners that wish to accept household sharps under ESAP.
To learn more about Centro Civico and our programs, please call: (518) 842-3762